Wood Furniture Lifetime Guarantee

At Moroccan Wood Working, we take pride in creating high-quality solid wood furniture that will last a lifetime. Our craftsmen meticulously hand-select the finest wood and design each piece with precision and care, ensuring that every joint and finish is of the highest quality. We are so confident in the craftsmanship and materials used in our wood furniture that we offer a lifetime guarantee to the original owner. Should your wood furniture fail due to workmanship or a failure of the wood materials during the lifetime of the original owner, we will either repair or replace it at our discretion.

Policies & Exclusions

Our lifetime guarantee applies only to furniture that is cared for according to our guidelines. Furniture items that are neglected or not properly maintained do not qualify for our lifetime guarantee. Additionally, any damage resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect, alteration, improper moving technique, unauthorized repairs, extreme changes in ambient humidity or temperature, color changes due to exposure to sunlight, natural disasters, acts of God, accident, or normal wear and tear are not covered under our guarantee.

Custom, live edge, discontinued, and modified pieces are excluded from our guarantee, as well as floor samples or clearance items purchased “as is.” Our lifetime guarantee also does not apply to furniture used for commercial purposes. However, we do offer a standard one-year warranty for furniture used in commercial settings subject to the conditions above. Unfortunately, we cannot offer our lifetime guarantee on furniture shipped outside of the contiguous U.S. due to logistical reasons.

Moving Furniture

To ensure that your furniture remains in excellent condition, it is important to handle it properly during moving. We advise that you pick up furniture rather than sliding it across the floor, as any damage caused by sliding is not covered under our lifetime guarantee. Beds must be disassembled before moving to avoid damage. Attempting to move the bed while it is assembled will void our lifetime guarantee.

Natural Characteristics of Wood

The natural characteristics of organic wood, such as grain variations and mineral deposits, are not considered flaws and have no effect on the structural integrity and durability of your furniture. As such, these characteristics are not covered under our lifetime guarantee.

Furniture with Electronics

For furniture with electronics, please refer to the specific product pages for any limitations.

Filing a Lifetime Guarantee Claim

If you believe that your furniture failure is covered under our lifetime guarantee, please contact Moroccan Wood Working to discuss the details and receive a return authorization number to initiate the process. You must provide the original bill of sale at the time of claim. The customer will initially be responsible for all shipping and handling costs associated with the product return. Upon inspection, we will determine if the failure is a result of faulty workmanship or materials. If so, we will reimburse the customer for all shipping and handling costs and repair or replace the furniture at our discretion. We strive to ensure that you are satisfied with your furniture for a lifetime.

A Word About the Natural Characteristics of Wood

At Moroccan Wood Working, we believe in embracing the natural beauty of wood in every piece of furniture we produce. We encourage our artisans to work with the natural, distinguishing marks of the wood to create unique and exceptional pieces. Organic markings such as mineral deposits and grain contrasts should not be viewed as flaws but as true indications of genuine authenticity. We encourage you to read more about the natural characteristics of woods. If you are purchasing cherry wood furniture, please anticipate the occurrence of natural mineral deposits in the cherry wood.